Thursday, January 05, 2006

farewell jewel cases

Last night of Christmas. Spent most of the day taking audio CDs out of their jewel cases and putting them into folders for easier storage. I hardly ever use them nowdays as I have most of them on my ipod. Now, I only remember my old CDs when a song I haven’t heard in a while comes up on shuffle! How quickly we have become digital. I couldn’t imagine myself doing this years ago. I loved the shape and the look of CDs, and the artwork. Mind you, I am saving the sleeves and the artwork just in case I ever feel the need of buying jewel cases and putting them back on shelves again. I doubt it very much.


Blog Monkey said...

may the good lord bless ipods... until they crap out. that happened to me and i lost months of uploading.

now i play only vinyl. sad, huh?

macwilmore said...

maybe not! I still can't get myself to get rid of my old vinyl though I haven't played any of it in years. (I do back up my ipod on an external HD so I'm hoping i'll be ok)