Wednesday, May 24, 2006

macho greens

There was something a little bit creepy about Green Party TD John Gormley’s jeering about Bertie’s Ahern’s make up in the Dail today. His “queen of Drumcondra” jibe wasn’t one bit funny. He sounded like some sort of green macho boot boy, especially when he started on about DeValera turning in his grave at the thought of all this. For all their talk about equality there always was this ugly streak of machismo in the left. Their God is Castro. No make up there. I never really trusted anyone with a beard. Strangely, make up can be very revealing and truthful.


ryano said...

Their God is Castro.

What an odd thing to say. Can you give us any examples of Green Castro-worship? None of the Green TDs even have beards!

macwilmore said...

I was talking about the “ugly streak of machismo in the left”. I accept that not all Green Party members are blinded by this ideology but unfortunately too many of them are , narrowing their ideas and ideals in the process. Good point about the clean shaven TDs. Hope they remember to use a bit of moisturizer now and then!