Monday, July 17, 2006


  • JPod: A Novel
Reading this at the moment. When I say reading I mostly nowadays mean "listening". I'm a member of and for the past few years I've listened to more books than I've read. It was a bit strange at first and demanded a different type of concentration. Some books are more suited than others to it. You would have thought that "JPod" would be ideal. Strangely enough I think it would benefit more from being "read" in the old fashioned way. The more traditional the novel the better suited it is to the audio book format. Apart from "Ulysses", which is totally suited to audio. Anyway, "JPod" is good but a bit unsatisfying, sometimes it takes off but too often it doesn't. I've always liked Douglas Coupland, loved his "Microsefts" which I read years ago.

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