Thursday, August 31, 2006

end of story?

A thoughtful, if depressing, interview with Michael Tolkin in today's New York Times. He thinks the best days of Hollywood (and American screen stories) are behind us. I hope he's wrong.

"I don’t think America’s had a good movie made since Abu Ghraib,” Mr. Tolkin said, before clarifying that he’s talking about big movies, not the minuscule ones that have met the industry’s quotas for unembarrassing award nominees. “I think it showed that a generation that had been raised on those heroic movies was torturing. National myths die, I don’t think they return. And our national myth is finished, except in a kind of belligerent way.

Glenn Ford died yesterday. RIP.


Anonymous said...

From Michael Tolkin:
The reporter missed what I said about comedies and Television, but there's a difference between sadness and depression, and we can feel sad without feeling helpless.

As for Glenn Ford, there's an extended disucssion about him in the book. Available everywhere now.

macwilmore said...

Thanks for your comment Michael, I look forward very much to reading the book.